About us

L & T is an EU based company having HQs in UK and France.

We find research is a journey into the unknown.  Groups can sometimes form and reform quite quickly as research questions arise and transform into other questions. 

The idea of machines thinking, unleashing its formidable intellect on a range of possible objections, from religion to consciousness.

Fundamentally integrated AI to resolve Human interfaces challenges in production.


We invest in research and experimentation to of-risk scientific modelling


We deploy optimized and accessible models through HYPA AI APIs

We allow businesses and research groups to create next-gen solutions without the hassle of deep AI comprehension and maintenance.

Our Charter

We trust that Global AI or Artificial General Intelligence “AGI”  should be attained by respecting a set of guidelines.

Lovelace & Turing’s mission through HYPA is to ensure that AGI – and any very autonomous system should be made for the greater good and accessible to the whole humanity putting everyone at the same level of opportunities.

We trust Technology is a rare legacy with which exponential growth is possible. From a Secret found to an automated system that does the job for you.
In the same way smartest and greatest ideas are the one highlighted by a perfect storm of ethical decisions without limited the potential.

  1.  it should be lawful, complying with all applicable laws and regulations
  2.  it should be ethical, ensuring adherence to ethical principles and values and
  3.  it should be robust,


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